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Flor del Lago
We invite you to hunt red deer on our 3000 hectare farm, where the deer are 100% wild.
Flor del Lago

The farm Flor Del Lago, which means flower of the lake, belongs to the Wagner family who has been working the cattle and forest farm for three generations.

The farm is situated on the north shore of Lake Villarrica, with beautiful views over the lake to the active volcano. 3000 Hectares of Hilly grasslands, including temperate virgin rain forest and douglas fir plantations are the scenic hunting ground.

History of the deer in Flor del Lago
The deer have been introduced by Ernesto Wagner in the fifties. He got the first deer from Argentina and put them into a fenced area. As they got used to the climate and vegetation quickly, they reproduced extremely well. So after only 3 years they were set free and have spread all over the farm. After that, fallow deer were introduced as well. Since a few years there is also wild boar. These extremely sturdy animals crossed over the Andes from Argentina and now populate the area.

The indigenous animals such as pudu (worlds smallest deer), foxes, skunks, rabbits, hare and the beautiful puma share their habitat with these introduced species.

In March there is the rutting season, time for the deer to mate. The spectacular way the male stags try to get the females attention in order to get a big herd for their own, is just magnificent and worthwhile watching. Even non-hunters will enjoy it!

Way to Hunt

The way to hunt is the European manner, which means that you are posted on tree stands waiting for the right stag to come.

The guide will pick out several stags that can be shot, according to their age and trophy quality, from which you can choose.

We can assure you to shoot, if you wish, only gold medal stags, according to the CIC measurement. Please ask for our trophy fees.


You can bring your own rifle if you wish or you can rent a rifle here choosing between several European rifles.

Please ask for details. You can get accustomed to you rifle at our shooting range. One of the owners will guide you; they all speak Spanish, German and English.

Further Information

The farm is situated in the Araucanía, the ninth region of Chile, 800 km south of Santiago. That is the capital and entry point for international flights. The closest domestic airport to Villarrica is Temuco, about one hour flight from Santiago. (There are also night buses and trains to get here.)

You will be picked up at Temuco airport and after about one hour driving you will reach our farm. In Santiago most international hotel chains are represented and there is also a hotel at the airport. Depending on the season and thicket availability. Lan Chile and Sky are the two operating domestic airlines.

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